How To Grow Watercress Indoors?

It is known that watercress has lots of benefits for health. This is why it is a good idea to have a bountiful supply of watercress in your home. But if you do not have any idea of how to grow watercress indoors then it can be stressful. So in this article, we will help you with that, so let’s start.

The Uses of Watercress

Before we discuss how to grow watercress indoors, we must know the uses of watercress. This will give you an idea of how you will utilize it.

  • Can be a therapeutic herb. It is known that watercress can help relieve stress away from our bodies. As a result, we will feel revitalized and prevent certain illnesses.
  • Perfect for making tasty dishes. It can be used to add some flavor to the foods that you are cooking. It will make them more desirable to eat. 
  • For interior design. There is no contest that watercress provides an elegant atmosphere inside our homes. It adds up some sort of design without the need to spend a hefty amount of cash.
  • Used as a vegetable to consume. Since it belongs to the family of broccolis then expect that you’ll get the same nutritional content. A lot of people particularly in Europe use this as an added ingredient on their salad.
  • Good for soups and sandwiches. It is a great addition to those foods to make them healthier.

How watercress is formed?

Watercress is not that demanding when it comes to requirements for it to grow. So growing it in the wild is an easy thing to do because they can grow anywhere as long as there is a supply of water.

Its roots and stems are known for its good suction power. As a result, it can sustain its life for long periods.

The Health Benefits of Watercress

Before we proceed to teach you how to grow watercress indoors, let’s tackle its health benefits first. In this part of the article, we will list down its health benefits on bulleted points.

  • It is good for brain health
  • It can enhance vision
  • It can improve the immune system
  • Strengthens bones

The perfect timing to plant one

Just like any other plant, you must have the right timing before you plan to grow watercress. This will heighten the chances of successfully growing the watercress.

It is suggested that you plant them when the cool season arrives. This ensures that the plant has enough moisture to maximize its growth potential.

The Essentials

For you to grow the watercress successfully, be sure to follow these tips correctly.

  • Find a shady spot. This will make sure that the watercress will not dry out particularly in the summer season.
  • Put it in movable containers. It will allow you to change the location of the plants much easier. So that if there is extreme contact to sunlight on a particular time of the day you can move them to a cooler area.
  • Never use garden soil. Watercress is known to be responsive to peat with vermiculite compared to garden soil. This is because peat retains more water which is beneficial for their growth. Although in wild, they grow in an absolute water surface being unable to mimic its natural environment is not a problem. You can just fill its pot with water from time to time to ensure that the plant will not experience dryness.
  • Use dual containers. It is a standard operating procedure to use in growing plants such as watercress which is completely reliant on saturation. The smaller container with holes beneath is placed at the top then a wire is used to connect it to the bigger container. For the smaller container, you can cover up its big holes with a coffee filter.
  • Plastic containers are better than clay pots. Water evaporation is reduced with the use of plastic containers. As a result, water retention is achieved which will be beneficial for the watercress’ growth.
  • Proper propagation. Stem cutting is one of the best ways to grow watercress indoors. You just have to place it in the container with sufficient vermiculite and peat then add some water, and then you are good to go.

Step-By-Step Instructions 

We have finished discussing the tips regarding growing watercress indoors. Right now, let’s discussed the step-by-step instructions for better comprehension of the subject matter.

  1. Cut out some stem from fully-grown watercress.
  2. Put it on a container that is filled with water. Let it sit there so that its roots will absorb the moisture that is brought by water.
  3. Get a container then put vermiculite and peat then sprinkle it with some water.
  4. Plant the cuttings in it by putting 1 to 3 cuttings per container.

However, if you opt to choose seedlings over cuttings then it’s alright. The method is pretty simple too, you just have to stuff the seedlings on the substrate then put some moisture to it by sprinkling some water.

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Now you know the basics on how to grow watercress indoors, the next thing that you have to do is to take action. Growing one will require patience since it is just like the same with other plants that you have to wait for the results. It is not an overnight process but everything will be worth it once you reap the fruits of your labor.

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