How One Vineyard Is Helping Warriors All Year Long?

Last holiday season, wines were sold like hotcakes. Besides, the equipment that helps preserve them also increases in sales. Everyone cared for these best wine coolers, top wines… Or in other words, it was like a box office hit. They hit the record of 949 million gallons of wine sold which was made from the 11,496 wineries throughout the country.

People used them as gifts or for personal consumption. Regarding that, there is this family who committed to advocacy. The Tackitt Family Vineyards has the mission to allocate a portion of their sales for warriors.

Nicole Motsek, the executive director of EOD Warrior Foundation said that buyers should go for the EOD cellar wines when choosing a wine to consume or share.

So a portion of the wines sold goes to the EOD Warrior Foundation. They see to it that it will be used properly for cash assistance for the following:

  • For educational support
  • Medicinal support including post-traumatic stress disorders

EOD Cellars has been introduced by Leon and Cindy Tackitt. Those are the products that people need to buy to help.

The foundation has a proven track record. As a matter of fact, they’ve already supported the families of 7,000 individuals. They are from the military.

The individuals are assigned to the bomb disposal unit. As we all know, they have a very dangerous job that is in accordance with their line of duty.

Worst case scenario the following can happen to them:

  • Get killed
  • Lose parts of their bodies
  • Heavily-injured

This is why the foundation has focused on them in recent years. They know the hardships that those guys undergo daily.

EOD Cellars wine collection comes in 4 selections. They were already packed as gift items. Also, you can opt to buy the ones that are packed in 6’s. Both of them are ready as a gift item. You’ll make the recipient and beneficiary both happy.

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Regarding the pricing, they are reasonable with that. Per bottle, you can expect 21 to 32 USD of pricing. It is very affordable and reasonable knowing that it is for a good cause. This is considered as budget-friendly as a lot of wines are in the over 50 USD price range. The fact that the manufacturer is a family-owned company, the price is significantly cheaper compared to its counterparts.

Also, we must appreciate their efforts in promoting their advocacy. What makes it more impressive is that the Tackitt Family Vineyards is just a small enterprise. Despite that, they see to it that they can still help people in a little way.

You can find their establishment at Paso Robles, California. Aside from the EOD Cellars wine collection, they have lots to offer. Some of them is the following:

  • Blaster wine collection
  • The Keeper
  • Willie Pete White
  • Det Cord White

They are very thankful that many are supporting their products for a good cause. The ability to buy great wines and at the same time support a good cause is truly satisfying.

The foundation has built a website namely at for people to be aware of their projects. You might want to visit them too if you want to be part of them.


We have proven that the simple act of buying wine can help thousands of people. It became possible with the two entities that are willing to sacrifice a lot. With Tackitt Family Vineyards and EOD Warrior Foundation, the good cause will continue to flourish throughout the years.

You might want to support those people in need by buying wine. As we all know, wine has lots of health benefits. It is good for the heart and supplies a good amount of energy. Also, people drink them to have a good sleep.

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