How to Growing Herbs Indoors With Artificial Light?

As we all know herbs will do a lot of benefits to our health. This is why it is in demand nowadays because people are becoming health conscious. However, not all people have the privilege to have them because they are mostly expensive.

One way of having them is by having your supply of herbs in your home. Let’s tackle the topic of growing herbs indoors with artificial light.

Why grow herbs indoors?

Growing herbs outside is a pretty good idea if you have a tidy garden and clean surroundings. But the problem arises if you don’t have sufficient space outdoors or the air outside is polluted. 

The only way is to grow it indoors if you want to pursue that goal of having your supply of herbs. Since herbs are dependent on sunlight for them to maximize their growth, growing them indoors can be a challenge.

The Solution: Artificial Light

Do not worry, because there is a solution. By using artificial lights it can substitute for sunlight. As a result, the herb will grow according to its size. So as a result, you’ll get a nice supply of herbs that you can use for various purposes. 

Well, you can use herbs for various purposes such as the following:

  • To give a nice flavor to the dishes that you are cooking
  • It can be a good remedy for various illnesses
  • It will be able to provide fresher air mot especially if it is placed indoors
  • Herbs can be a good ornamental design for your home

How do you set up an artificial light for growing herbs indoors? 

To grow herbs with artificial light, you’ll need to know the basics. It will make sure that no problems will arise on this attempt of your to grow herbs indoors.

  • Ensure that the light has proper mounting. Since the light will be on several times a day, you do not want it to loosen and eventually drop on your herbs. It can cause accidents too. This is the reason why you should mount it the right way. Make sure that the screws are tightened carefully as well as the bulb.
  • The proper distance of the light and your herbs. It is known that herbs do need at least 6 hours of sunlight daily. So the rule of the thumb is if you are using artificial lighting then 14 to 16 hours exposure to it is a must. Always put the herbs on the part of your house which has a lower ceiling for them to get more exposure from the light.
  • Use LED grow lights or HID bulbs. Not only that they consume lesser power but also much brighter compared to their incandescent counterpart. 
  • Put a sturdy container. Since the herb will grow exponentially, it is a must that they have sufficient space. This will ensure that their growth will not get stunted over time.
  • Proper ventilation. The place must have proper ventilation so that the plant will get a significant amount of air which is better for growth.

The Best Plants to Grow Indoors Under an Artificial Light

But before anything else, it is important to know the herbs that you will plant. Generally speaking, there are thousands of herbs on our planet but there are only a few ones that you can grow indoors successfully. 

Here are the herbs that you can consider growing indoors with artificial lights:

  • Basil
  • Parsley
  • Sage
  • Thyme

The list of herbs is not limited to that but those are the most popular herbs to grow indoors with artificial light. You can try out other herbs if you want to and check if they respond perfectly to artificial light.

How to maintain good growth of the herbs indoors with artificial light?

There are several ways for you to ensure that your herbs will grow properly. In this part of the article, we will discuss some of the tips that you can use immediately.

  • Check for bug infestation. The main enemy of plants is a bug that is why makes sure that there are no bugs present on the area where you planted your herbs. What you must do is to check the containers from time to time. Since bugs multiply quickly you must prevent it from happening beforehand.
  • Water them regularly. Aside from artificial lights, you’ll still need to water the herbs regularly. This will ensure that the right moisture will be met. As a result, the herbs will not dry out easily.
  • Harvest just the right amount. Harvesting the one you planted will give you a lot of satisfaction. But be sure not to overdo it. This is because it can damage the aesthetics of the plant making it inefficient in absorbing the light from your LED or HID bulbs.

Specialized Lights

Nowadays, growing herbs indoors with artificial light became easier. There are specialized lights made to supply better heat to the herbs that are planted indoors. It is called “UV Lights”, they mimic the same levels of sunlight heat which is beneficial for all kinds of indoor plants. Some also use them to supply heat to pet animals.


No doubt growing herbs indoors can be made easier with artificial lights. It gives a sufficient amount of heat required for those herbs to grow. So you don’t have worries anymore if you have no space to plant outdoors. Just try it out and see for yourself how rewarding an experience can be once you successfully planted herbs inside your home.

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