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Mailing Address: 9526 Argyle Forest BLVD, STE B2 #321 Jacksonville, Fl 32222.
Physical Address: 5571 long branch rd, Jacksonville, fl 32234

Coordinator of Programs and Services

Michele Burke

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  1. Christi Cook says:

    I just wanted to let you know that as a disabled vet you have really inspired me to start community gardens to help the elderly that love fresh veggies and can no longer garden themselves, help families on WIC, help other disabled vets by not only giving them something to do, but to have a great excuse to visit those who are depressed and really need a visit to help and help teach who-so-ever wants to learn (myself included) about gardening. I’ve begun raising my own beef and chickens. I’m learning about the chickens. They are truly a help in the garden keeping down the pests. Thank you for inspiring me.

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