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Mailing Address: 9526 Argyle Forest BLVD, STE B2 #321 Jacksonville, Fl 32222.
Physical Address: 5571 long branch rd, Jacksonville, fl 32234

Farm Manager
Steve Ellsberry

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  1. Christi Cook says:

    I just wanted to let you know that as a disabled vet you have really inspired me to start community gardens to help the elderly that love fresh veggies and can no longer garden themselves, help families on WIC, help other disabled vets by not only giving them something to do, but to have a great excuse to visit those who are depressed and really need a visit to help and help teach who-so-ever wants to learn (myself included) about gardening. I’ve begun raising my own beef and chickens. I’m learning about the chickens. They are truly a help in the garden keeping down the pests. Thank you for inspiring me.

  2. jesse atwaters says:

    I was wondering if you took donations of tools because my hindus in foreclosure and I have to get rid of them because I have no where to keep them

    GMC Jesse Atwaters (ret)

  3. Nan Barber says:

    I just learned indirectly of your Veterans Farm from a friend’s email. Actually, it was an ad atteched to an article I’d clicked onto. For this I’m very happy. Without that ad, we who live in SW Montana (near Missoula), would never have learned about your worthwhile ptoject.
    My husband, Bill, and I supprt you and your community of veterans. I wish we could send you a large donation. However, I will be sending you a small check and a promise to pray for you ALL in your endeavors.
    Nan Barber
    12801 Anchor Road
    Lolo, MT 59847-9585
    P.S. How can I distribute your info to veterans having problems in “normal life” re-entry? I would be willing to go to Vets Centers, VA hospitals in our region. I worry that you might become overwhelmed by the massive number of vets responding. Hmm, I might find some resonant responses by showing your video to civic groups
    in MT and (when I can afford the gas) in Idaho and Wyoming. My objective would be to find some generous rancher/farmer/business people who would underwrite getting a Veterans Farm in our region. I hesitate to work on a grant due to gov’t interferance & regulations.
    Would you please send me a copy of your video and more information?

    • veteran says:

      Mrs Barber,

      Thanks for your support of the Veterans Farm. Could you please email your question to and we’ll be sure the send it up the chain to Adam.

      Thanks for your support,

      Veterans Farm.

      • mike atack says:

        was looking to visit your operation. arew you open on sat.? what are your hours

        • veteran says:

          Upick blueberries is now open.

          We are open Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays from 8am-1pm. Upick $4lb or prepack orders available at $6lb. For prepack please email We look forward to seeing you all there.

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