The Coalition

Joining forces together for a common cause

  • Work Vessels for Veterans Provide training tools such as labptop computers to new beginning veterans farmers. In addition they donated equipment after the students graduation that will help support them with the start up of their new farms
    A main fiscal 501c3 non profit sponsor.
  • The Mission Continues
    Sponsors students in the training program and provided volunteers to help veterans and their families build their farms
  • Farmers Veterans Coalition
    Provides farming mentorship, guidance, resources and post training to Veteran Farm graduates
  • The Good People Fund provides funding for training material, equipment and training support for Veterans Farm students.



2012 “Presidential Citizenship Medal”

  • 2011 Bestowed the “Star of Honor” by WVFV
  •  2012 Good Person of the Year Award by the Good People Foundation
  •  2011 A Mission Continues “Fellow”
  • 2012 Bob Woodruff Foundation “Fellow”
  • 2013 5hr Energy “Community Leader” award



17 Responses to The Coalition

  1. Could I get a mission continues even though I live in Texas? I have family in Jacksonville and could visit with them for six months. I’d love to go through the program if one starts around July/august 2014 or later

    • veteran says:

      Please email us at with your information.

      • Alamin says:

        You’ve humbled and honroed me, sir. Thank YOU, more than I can say.@Mike Porter- If I didn’t work at home, I’d certainly have filed for sick time of SOME sort – because I was as sick at heart as a soul can be.@gwhdad/texas- You did do something special when you took the oath to serve, and to accept whatever challenges came your way. To stand with your comrades in arms and defend this nation. There is more honor in accepting that responsibility – no matter what your service turns out to be – than the majority of people will ever accept in their lifetime. So when people (including me) say “thank you,” know that you deserve it.

        • veteran says:

          Thank you sir for your kind words! This gives us fuel to push harder and to make a difference in more lives. God Speed.

  2. Tony Carter says:

    Do you have a coalition in the state of Georgia.

  3. roger livingston says:

    if you had a coalition in Texas I would be even more interested! I live in the city with my family but I use gardening as a form of relaxing therapy. Also sometimes it is beneficial in making extra money when the crops come in. I am a post 911 Iraqi war veteran with disabilities. Gardening and farming has helped me in many ways already.

  4. Chris Salek says:

    I am a pre/post 911veteran who served from 1985-2008 Active Army and Reserve. I am currently scheduled to graduate from a community college in Iowa with an Associates in Applied Science Degree in Agribusiness. I am interested in your program and would like more info please.

  5. Joseph Gibbs says:

    I have submitted my application package. When should I expect to hear back with the status? Also, what other locations are there across the country for this program? Thanks!

  6. chad T. says:

    I know of several veterans in the CSRA/ Augusta Georgia/ FT Gordon area that are interested- If others are interested too maybe we can get something started here. I’ve been steering folks to this as well as other resources.

  7. Jeannie says:

    There is a group of mission minded farmers & land owners looking for a reason & a purpose in North Dakota.
    How well would this program thrive in snow country?
    Thanks for additional info. :o )

    • veteran says:

      Jeannie, Farming programs can be developed anywhere. Your growing season would be shorter and the use of greenhouses would be needed. We are always looking for landowners to lease their land to veterans/New Beginning Farmer/Ranchers. If you are connected with landowners who have land/and or interested in mentoring a young farmers while he/she starts their farming career please have them contact us at Have a great day!

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