The Coalition

Joining forces together for a common cause

  • Work Vessels for VeteransProviding vessels (i.e. tractors equipment, land etc) for our veterans to help them start farming after the fellowship program.
    A main fiscal 501c3 non profit sponsor.
  • The Mission Continues
    Providing fellowship funds/money for the 6-month fellowship, while the veterans are learning during the  program at the farm.
  • Farmers Veterans Coalition
    Provides farming mentorship, guidance, resources and some job placement opportunities for our vets who want to work for a larger farming organization.


These grants have been instrumental in building structures at the farm.  Veterans Farm was recognized by The Good People Fund for their  work in the community. With that came a grant in 2011. This year they granted another $7,000 for building support.


  • Bestowed the “Star of Honor” by WVFV
  • Good organization of the Year Award
  • A Mission Continues “Fellow”
  • Bob Woodruff Foundation “Fellow”



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