Fresh organic peas for sale.
We have black eye peas, purple hulls, zippers creams, and Texas Conk peas. All of our peas are grown using organic practices. No pesticides or fertilizers are used when growing our peas.
Address 5571 long branch rd, jacksonville, fl 32234.
Directions: From I-295 take (228) normandy west to mcclellan rd (you’ll see Veterans Farm sign) take mcclellan left and follow straight until you see the Upick sign.
5 gallon bucket $15
Coming soon (approx 3 weeks)
Aji Amarillo Peppers
30,000-50,000 Scovilles. Since  “Amarillo” is the Spanish word for yellow,  and “Ají” is the term for chile in  South America, this pepper is also appropriately known as the “yellow chile.”  The Ají Amarillo is grown in all areas of Peru. Used by the Incas, it is still  the most common and popular chile in that country.It may be said that is it  possibly the most important ingredient in Peruvian cooking. It grows to about  4-5 inches in length, and despite its name, it actually matures to a deep  orange.  Like other chiles from this  area, the Amarillo has a fruity, berry-like flavor. It is medium in heat level,  but it does not leave your mouth burning. It is also great as a condiment.
For Product orders email or call 574-709-9020

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