Veterans Training Program

 The Beginning Farmer Fellowship Program, Promotes and support Agro-entrepreneurship with ecological horticulture.

Get the training and hands on experience you need to be successful in agriculture   New Training Initiative-Coming soon
Veterans Farm Program


  • Team Work and collaboration skills
  • Field experience in the operation of agriculture production facilities and systems
  • Students will be able to assist agriculture owner/operators in the development of farm plan for organic certification
  • Learning methods to improve irrigation, production of quality organic produce.
  • Learn and improve Management skills on accounting, finance and organization
  • Training in agriculture operations management, field and post-harvest product safety, organic certification and production practicum.
  • Partner with the large Veteran Network on Farming and Success
  • To Apply Application




8 Responses to Veterans Training Program

  1. Joshua Standing Cloud says:

    I would like to attend the program (Marine Corps Veteran) but i have a 20% disability. Would you recommend a similar program whom takes on disabled veterans?

  2. Jairo Restrepo says:

    Is the Veteran Farm Program only for post 9/11 Veterans? Thank you….

  3. Michele. P says:

    Are these programs only available to wounded veterans?

    • veteran says:

      The New Beginning Veteran Farmer/rancher development training workshops are free to all vets, active duty and military spouses. Please join us march 7th for our workshop There is going to be a lot of information to put out that can assist vets in getting started with their own farms.

  4. Burns says:

    Do you have workshops in other states? If not, is there a way to get the information to assist in starting a farm?

    • veteran says:

      Please email us at for more information. For those who cannot attend our workshops we will be filming the events and posting them online for you all to view. If you are a veterans, or military spouse and would like additional assistance after you’ve watch the video please let us know. We are working to bring on additional case managers to assist.

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