Veterans Training Program

 The Beginning Farmer Fellowship Program, Promotes and support Agro-entrepreneurship with ecological horticulture.

Get the training and hands on experience you need to be successful in agriculture   New Training Initiative-Coming soon
Veterans Farm Program


  • Team Work and collaboration skills
  • Field experience in the operation of agriculture production facilities and systems
  • Students will be able to assist agriculture owner/operators in the development of farm plan for organic certification
  • Learning methods to improve irrigation, production of quality organic produce.
  • Learn and improve Management skills on accounting, finance and organization
  • Training in agriculture operations management, field and post-harvest product safety, organic certification and production practicum.
  • Partner with the large Veteran Network on Farming and Success
  • To Apply Application for Services




2 Responses to Veterans Training Program

  1. Joshua Standing Cloud says:

    I would like to attend the program (Marine Corps Veteran) but i have a 20% disability. Would you recommend a similar program whom takes on disabled veterans?

  2. Jairo Restrepo says:

    Is the Veteran Farm Program only for post 9/11 Veterans? Thank you….

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