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June 4th, 5th and 7th Nestle

June 4th, 5th and 7th Nestle will becoming out to build another greenhouse for us. On the 7th they plan on having a barbeque and inviting local people out to join us. Chef Kahn, from the Crab Cake Factory will be coming out, and cook in front of the garden using some of our fish and vegetables.
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Victory Garden

Interview of CEO Adam Burke –

Submit a Military Prayer – True Stories of Hope & Inspiration

We thank GUIDEPOST OUTREACH on their support of our military bases around the world. Submit a prayer request for loved ones in the service to: for the Military Prayer on May 24.

Victory Garden

True stories of hope & inspiration

Growing a Greener World


  • TuesdayMay 8th and, Wednesday May 9th
    PBS T.V. Show “Growing a Greener World” will be filming at Veterans Farm.
    Growing a Greener World is a groundbreaking television series that delivers the latest trends in eco-friendly living mixed with traditional gardening know-how to a modern audience. The series will inspire viewers of all ages with stunning HD video, a fresh and engaging style, and always a compelling story. MORE >>
  • 9:00AM
    Professor from First Coast Technical College (FCtC) coming out to teach a class on datil peppers.
    “First Coast Technical College’s datil peppers are especially beautiful this year,” said Eddie Lambert, AgriScience instructor. “Over the past five years, our datils have been featured in Gary Nabhan’s book “Chasing Chilis: Hot Spots along the Pepper Trail”, Keith Snow’s Recipes for “Harvest Eating”, Journal of Higher Education, and even served to White House dignitaries.”Datil peppers are a local favorite vying to become a national sensation. Their unique flavor and versatility have driven appreciation for the peppers and showcased their historic home, the nation’s oldest city. MORE >>